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Lady Gaga Knocks 'Em Dead In 'Bang Bang' Video

The edge of glory? You're there, lady.

Bang bang, Lady Gaga just shot us down -- with her voice, that is.

Mother Monster is out with the full live video for “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" -- off of Cheek To Cheek, her collaborative jazz record with Tony Bennett -- and all we can do is sit here in slack-jawed amazement. And maybe cry a little, like the rest of her Little Monsters.

Gaga teased the coming of the video -- a part of her and Bennett's upcoming PBS concert special -- earlier this week, but that taste seriously didn't do the thing justice. Clad in a red jumpsuit and a massive mane of curling hair, Gaga powers her way through the jam, previously made famous by the likes of Cher and Nancy Sinatra.

Check it out now via the below link and teaser. We don't know about you, but October 24 -- which marks the premiere of the PBS special -- cannot come soon enough.

Watch Lady Gaga's "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" video here!