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A Brief History Of Kimye's Matching Outfits

His and hers leather, color palettes, and cleavage.

The #WORLDSMOSTTALKEDABOUTCOUPLE have been living up to their reputation this Paris Fashion Week. From bringing North to her first fashion show (Balenciaga) to parading around the city in regal outfits, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been doing victory laps in the City of Light. But yesterday Kanye and Kim made their most PFW headlines yet when they sat front row and showed off their, um, matching cleavage (kleavage?). This isn't the first time Kimye's matching game has been on point, though. We rounded up a bunch of the times they've been sartorially in sync.

While on the way to pick up their outfits for their engagement dinner at Versailles, Kim and Kanye visited the Martin Maison Margiela showroom in opposite camel and black outfits.

Fittingly, their Margiela engagement dinner outfits were just as coordinated. Kim put her spin on Bianca Jagger's all-white wedding suit and Kanye wore a similar spirited look. They not only matched their satin lapels, they also matched, for the first time, their cleavage.

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They tested out coordinated suits back in 2013, in these monochrome Spy vs. Spy looks.

On their honeymoon, Kimye kept up their matching game and sipped tea from the fanciest couch I've ever seen on grass while wearing all-white outfits.

But Kim and Kanye do casual matching just as well. Their matching game is even strong when they're ziplining! Just look at their matching black tanks, helmets, and sneakers. OK, maybe this one is more of a stretch, but you have to take every chance you get to post a picture of Kanye ziplining.

Our fave matching moment so far, though, has to be their BLK DNM leather wedding jackets. Because they're Kimye and do everything one step above the rest of us, especially when it comes to fashion, the newlyweds didn't take off in a "Just Married" car—instead they did the photo booth in "JUST MARRIED" jackets.