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Watch Cara Delevingne Bring Back 'Cribs' For This Tour Of Hogwarts

Ever wanted a tour of Cara Delevingne's apartment? Well, thanks to Vogue, you can get an idea for what that might be like. Sort of.

In this video tour, "flat" is really Hogwarts, or rather a Warner Bros. studio where the film was shot in London.

Starring one of our fave models of the moment, giving behind-the-scenes scoop on one of our fave movies of all-time, AND shot in the format of one of our fave throwback TV shows, MTV Cribs, we're ultimately charmed by Cara's vid. Notable highlights include: "a couple of outfits" that she once wore in "previous lives of hers," her assemblage of vintage Instagrams, and a collection of trophies that she thinks she's going to win.

Now, we can't stop thinking what it would really be like if Cara was at Hogwarts. Can you imagine? Would she hang out with Hermione? Would she play quidditch or just cheer on her house team? What house would she be sorted into? We like to think she'd be a Hufflepuff. In which case, 10 points to Hufflepuff for this tour, Ms. Delevingne.