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7 Fashion Week Trends That Won't Bend Your iPhone 6

Now that we've had ample time to let #bendgate sink in, we can all admit to ourselves that the desire for an iPhone 6 has not yet dwindled. Nope—the need for an upgrade has still never been more real.

So, if the new 5.5-incher isn't going to squeeze into the pocket of your skinny jeans without buckling, it's time for another kind of upgrade. Fortunately, designers must have gotten the memo—or maybe there's such a thing as trend forecasting* after all?—because iPhone-friendly fashion was all over the Spring/Summer 2015 runways this month.

Peep the trends that'll keep your newly copped prize safe.

1. Overalls (Yes, still)

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Overalls had a moment last spring, and your favorite you-could-be-a-farmer-in-those-clothes clothes are sticking around for at least another season. This is a revelation, because that middle pocket was made for phones. (Well, not literally speaking, but it might as well have been.)

2. Cargo Pockets

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Yep, that's right—cargo pockets are back. Fortunately (?), what's bad news for the state of fashion is good news for the safety of our iPhones. And, as Rodarte proves, you can embrace the trend/keep your 6 safe without resorting to those baggy tan cargos you remember from middle school.

3. Baggy Jeans

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The slouchy, saggy-chic (it's a thing, OK?) denim on Gucci's runway is basically a fancy person's take on JNCOs. So dig your old circa-eighth grade drop-crotch jeans out. Those gallon-deep pockets were way before their time.

4. Ponchos

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Do you know how many pockets are in a poncho like this one at Christopher Raeburn? SO VERY MANY POCKETS. Also? Ponchos are almost always waterproof, so you don't have to worry about water damage to your brand-new gadget that just cost you a whole lot.

5. Culottes

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Think about all the iPhones you could stash in the culottes on the Delpozo runway. Actually, think about all the iPads you could stash in them, too. You could probably fit a few MacBooks, too...and definitely a handful of Airs.

6. Pleats

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The bigger the pleat, the bigger the pocket. No risk of bending in these enormous Tibi trousers. (Though you *do* risk looking vaguely like a pirate.)

7. Ball gowns with Pockets

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Poufy skirts with concealed compartments are the ultimate solve for when you need to hit the red carpet with your new phone in tow (which is obv all the time). Not that anyone's really going to be looking at your skirt in a Rochas outfit like this one...

*For what it's worth, we also reached out to an official trend forecaster for comment about whether #bendgate will directly influence the near-future of fashion.

Here's what Bradley Quinn, creative director of Stylus Fashion, had to say: "What we can take away from this issue is the strong impact that the technology and fashion sectors can have on one another. Future fashion will evolve to absorb telecommunications technology, so one day pockets could well be obsolete. In fact, it is more likely that this will make larger waves in the tech than fashion sector—there is a whole new world of flexible phone components on their way which will radically alter the way in which phones are designed."