New 'Big Hero 6' Trailer Is Huggable, Non-Threatening, Awesome

Hug a Baymax.

We're just gonna pre-order that full-size Baymax stuffed toy right now, OK? OK.

A new trailer for Disney's "Big Hero 6" zoomed onto the web today, and boy is it huggable. The movie's previous trailer was also straight-up adorable, but now we have adorable with a healthy portion of backstory and plot as well.

See, Hiro's big brother, Tadashi, died. Before his death, however, he invented Baymax -- a big cuddly robot to help those who need helping -- who is also great at waddling around being adorable, and making us love him. The whole "Avengers" vibe and Iron Man suit -- while upping the cuteness factor by several thousand -- comes along later.

For now, just check out the trailer above and get (more) psyched.

"Big hero 6" comes to theaters November 7, 2014.