Shia LaBeouf Is Running Around In Circles Outside Of A Museum, For Art

I mean, sure, why not.

Something very strange is happening in Amsterdam today (September 25), and it's all thanks to Shia LaBeouf.

A couple of weeks ago, the actor began posting cryptic Nike Plus tweets in which his runs spelled out letters of a rapidly-forming word. This word ended up being "metamarathon," and now we know why -- the actor is running around in circles outside of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, and if you join him, you get a ribbon. This is not a joke.

LaBeouf is doing this in honor of the museum's Metamodernism day, which its website defines as an "international symposium [that] seeks to draw a cognitive map of our present in order to grasp the changing contours of our everyday lives, towards a paradigmatic shift lived by a generation born in the 1980s and after."

This all sounds really complicated, but judging from the Tweets and Instagrams pouring in from the event, it really is just Shia LaBeouf running around in circles outside of an art museum. Happy Thursday.