Is The Green Ranger Already Set For 'Power Rangers' Cameo?

Jason David Frank says so.

A "Power Rangers" reboot is definitely in development, but what isn't so sure is how strong its ties to the original series will be. As a nostalgia cash-in, there has to be something to please the fans who grew up with those mighty and morphin' heroes.

Well, if former Green Ranger Jason David Frank is to be believed, he'll personally serve that role.

In an interview with, Frank said that he expected some level of involvement in the reboot coming from Lionsgate, though it's unclear how big a part he'll play. "I probably will be involved. They talked to me about it," he said. "I don’t know how much I am involved, but for sure cameos at least in the reboot movie."

So at the very least, we can expect to see Frank in the new "Power Rangers" movie. Would it be as Tommy, the mysterious new kid-turned-villain-turned-obviously the best character? I think the old-school fans of the show would appreciate that.

Frank also made reference to a Green Ranger series he was developing, but that was steamrolled by the reboot movie. According to him, sidelining that project was an effort to save his appearance for the new movie.

"Power Rangers" is expected to open in theaters on July 22, 2016.