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Ellen Loves Andre 3000, And She Got Him A Jumpsuit To Prove It

A new addition to his wardrobe.

Many things have stuck out during Outkast's recent run of reunion shows. How many hits they have. How much we want new music. How groundbreaking they were. Also: Andre 3000's outfits.

Of course, that should be no surprise, since Dre has been pioneering with his unique style for decades. And throughout the summer circuit of festival that Kast has hit, he's rocked all black jumpsuits with white writing -- and the writing always has some sort of message. One said, "My dad had cool albums," and another asked, "Which type of stereo are you?"

Now, Three Stacks has a new option for his upcoming shows. During a visit to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the host gave the rapper and actor a one-of-a-kind gift: An outfit emblazoned with the words, "Ellen loves this guy," with an arrow pointing up.

Maybe he'll wear it at Outkast's hometown shows in Atlanta this weekend?