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11 Times Hulk Hogan Broke His Own Restaurant's Dress Code

Hogan's restaurant has such a strict dress code that even he can't follow it.

Vice recently reported on a visit to Hogan's Beach -- Hulk Hogan's restaurant and nightclub that opened in Tampa Bay, Florida all the way back in 2012. In their adventures, Vice noticed this absurdly strict dress code policy at the club:


As Vice puts it, "How could a man who seemingly put do-rags on the market for white people suddenly discriminate against his clientele for wearing them?"

We completely agree. The dress code is so strict, in fact, that Hogan himself violates it on the regular. Here's the proof.

1. No do-rags

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2. No plain white t-shirts

3. No high-top sneakers

4. No bandanas

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5. No oversized or excessive jewelry

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6. No workout clothing

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7. "Shirts are required upon entering"

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8. "Shoes are required upon entering"

9. No sleeveless jerseys

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10. No torn clothing

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11. No offensive attire

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