Getty Images/MTV

Wait, Did Drake Get An Emoji Tattoo?

Get the induction ceremony ready, Miley and Mike Scott! You just might have a new member for the Emoji Tattoo Club™. Tattoo artist Doctor Woo of Hollywood's Shamrock Social Club posted an Instagram of some recently inked forearms and tagged Drake’s handle. The faceless and bodyless limbs (which might belong to the "Started From the Bottom" rapper) are decked out with the number 6, a praying hands emoji, and a quote: "Everything Happens For A Reason Sweet Thing."

Judging from Doctor Woo's hashtags (also our eyes), the "6” is in the style of street artist and Kanye-fave Jim Joe. And paired with those praying hands, it seems plausible that this is meant to read as "6 God," as in that "6 God."

If the photo is really Drake, then these are some very new tattoos, since Drake didn't appear to have any yesterday, at least according to his own Instagram. Guess this means we'll have to wait for Drizzy himself to post some confirmation pics, that is if he's not too distracted from inserting himself into Harry Potter or touring with Lil Wayne.