Audrina Patridge Hasn't Been On Justin Bobby's Bike In Four Years

But the former 'Hills' flames recently reunited when they had a random encounter in New York.

During her "Hills" days, Audrina Patridge couldn't resist Justin Bobby: his scruffy Johnny Depp style, his philosophical musings -- oh, and his ride. But the brunette beauty recently revealed she hasn't seen much of the perennial bad boy since bidding adieu to the hit MTV series in 2010 -- thus proving that when they parted ways on the finale, it was actually pretty realistic.

John Shearer/

During a guest appearance Tuesday as the bartender on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live," a viewer asked when she last saw the man Lauren Conrad once called a "homeboy [who] wore combat boots to the beach" (thank you, LC, for that unforgettable quote).

"Oh my goodness," the 1st Look host said with a big -- and somewhat nervous -- chuckle. "Actually, I saw him three months ago, here in New York. He lives here. I was out with my friends, and I saw him out one night."

So were there any sparks? Not quite. "He was with his girlfriend," Audrina said. "It was awkward. It's been four years so -- it's been a while."

At least they'll always have those magical journeys around Tinseltown on his bike...

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