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Lena Dunham: Pasties + Feminism = OK

Also, booty shorts.

It's less than a week away until we can (finally!) get our hands on Lena Dunham's memoir Not That Kind of Girl, and TBH, we're severely impatient. Luckily, our girl created a 12-part web series called "Ask Lena" where she claims to "help you with some of your problems using my limited knowledge from my most terrible escapades." And ladies, it's freakin' good.

She covers everything from being an insecure writer to confronting bullies to being jealous 24/7, and we hate to pick favorites, but we're particularly fond of the "Questionable Feminist?" episode–mostly because it manages to tackle fashion and feminism all in under two minutes.

In it, a girl writes to Lena saying even though she's a feminist, she loves wearing booty shorts, pasties, and sometimes even her "prized 'F*** Me, I'm Famous'" T-shirt. She asked, "Should I be feeling somewhat guilty? Can I still be a feminist even when I dress provocatively?"

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Lena responded with THE most solid advice ever:

"A huge part of being a feminist is giving other women the freedom to make choices you might not necessarily make yourself. And so, just like we should respect women who cover up for reasons of shyness or modesty or religious beliefs, just like we have to allow for all of that, we have to allow for the woman who wants to walk down the street in booty shorts.

I'm sure you've been made to feel like the desire to show off your body–which I'm sure is beautiful–is somehow at odds with your political pursuits, but the thing is, your political pursuits are the thing that's allowing you to show off your body in an un-molested way."

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Even better? She also admitted to some of her own risqué purchases as of late. "I’ve really been letting my freak flag fly lately. I bought a see-through rain dress. I don't have a lot of places to wear it. But I'm gonna. Rock on with your bad self."

To watch all the entire "Ask Lena" series, head on over to YouTube.com, and swipe her book Not That Kind of Girl in stores and online September 30.