#TBT: Remember When Kristin Cavallari Played A Lesbian Cheerleader On 'Veronica Mars'?

No? Then allow us to fill you in…

The painfully honest Kristin Cavallari was called every name in the book while attending Laguna Beach High School, but it's not until she took a trip to the fictional town of Neptune that she got the distinguished honor of "horrible, crazy bitch."

The "Hills" star, who caught a small-scale acting bug before her current shoe designer/TV host duties, once appeared on "Veronica Mars" (which, incidentally, premiered 10 years ago!) as a lesbian cheerleader caught up in an extortion scheme. And suddenly, prom drama looks totally manageable by comparison...

On an episode called "Versatile Toppings," our very own K-Cav played an in-the-closet pom pom-tosser/student news correspondent named Kylie Marker, who begged amateur teen detective Veronica Mars for help in keeping her sexual identity private. Kylie explained that an anonymous web-hacker had weaseled his way into a gay teen support message board and threatened to out all the local gay students if they didn't pay him a hefty ransom.

Determined to rise above the hacker's cowardly bullying -- and keep her cash in her pocket -- Kristin/Kylie decided to come clean about her sexuality on a school-wide broadcast, and she and girlfriend Marlena were suddenly free to walk the halls hand-in-hand. Still, Veronica's case kept running cold, and the hacker remained at large.

Finally, after some expert sleuthing, Veronica discovered it was Kylie, herself, who was extorting her fellow LGBTQ students (!!!), and Kylie's unapologetic defense was oh-so-very Kristin. Beyond needing money for a good college, Kylie's justification was that she was a "horrible, crazy bitch." That's our girl!

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