'Scandal': 11 Behind The Scenes Pics That Reveal Season 4's Secrets

Can you even handle these behind-the-scenes photos?

On "Scandal," we've learned to expect the unexpected and never try to guess anything that could happen next, because we're usually wrong. However, as the months slowly ticked by this summer while waiting for the show to return, there was only one way to handle our lack of weekly Gladiator time: over-analyzing every photo the cast posted. (And wine and popcorn, of course.)

With the Season 4 premiere finally upon us tonight (September 25), we've rounded up everything we discovered from the cast's Instagram and Twitter snaps. And if that's not enough, you can always watch the promo for tonight and check out some real photos from the episode. Where in the world is Olivia Pope?

1. David Rosen is still alive. At least in the first episode.

2. So are Fitz, Mellie, Quinn, Huck, Cyrus, and Jake. (Probably.)

3. Olivia and Jake's jet-set lifestyle is fabulous. And his beard is in full force.

4. Mellie gets "sneaky" in Liv's apartment.

5. David and Abby are still the "most normal" couple on the show.

6. Quinn and Huck don't look like they're made up yet.

7. All is seemingly well in the Oval Office with Cyrus and Fitz.

8. Though things will get heated with someone…

9. Green screen will be involved.

10. Abby is a total badass. At least with her coffee.

11. Bonus guest star: Kerry Washington's real-life dog, Josie, is adorable.