Tavi Gevinson Is 'Nylon' Magazine's Latest 'It' Girl

Ever since the Nylon "It Girl Issue" was born in 2007, the magazine's annual cover has featured the likes of Emma Stone, Elizabeth Olsen, and more. Joining the elite club this year is Tavi Gevinson, who, at 18, already bears the titles "actress, writer, and founder and editor-in-chief of Rookie magazine." Why was Tavi bestowed the prestigious title, you ask? Oh, because, according to Nylon, "she's definitely got 'it.'" Seems reasonable.


Tavi might be the star of the issue and the photos in the spread, but the people who contributed to the article aren't too shabby either—the introduction was penned by Hazel Cills, shot by Petra Collins, and includes quotes from friends Michael Cera, Emma Watson, and Stevie Nicks. No biggie. LOL, JK.


Of course, Gevinson shares some of her wisdom as well, including her plans for the future.

"... you have this idea about what it means to be a writer, and what it means to be a performer, whether you’re introverted or extroverted. I have at times felt like they don’t mesh. Then it’s just, like, ‘No, f*** that. Maybe I don’t see a precedent for my life in the outside world, but I can be that precedent.'"

Um, hi, yeah, I need to cut this out and tape it to my bulletin board immediately. I need this as constant source of inspiration. Fortunately, the issue hits newsstands on Wednesday (tomorrow!). Until then, though, peep behind-the-scenes info and more photos on Nylon’s site.