Allison Hoover

Could These 'Friends' Posters BE Any More Minimalist?

Pivot your head to check out these amazing Friends posters.

"Friends" is currently in the midst of a cultural resurgence due to its recent 20-year anniversary -- not that it ever really went out-of-vogue to begin with -- and Miami Ad School art student Allison Hoover might have one-upped even those Central Perk pop-up store guys with this awesome school project. Hoover took fan-favorite "Friends" moments and made them into minimalist posters, (h/t to Mashable for the find) immortalizing lines like "Pivot!" and "We were on a break!" for a whole new Internet audience.

Hoover made a whole bunch o' "Friends" posters (you can see them all on her website) but here are the ones that made us want to sit down on a grody orange couch and talk about our sex lives with our, well, Friends:

The argument to end all arguments:

Allison Hoover

Ross and Rachel 4Eva:


Allison Hoover

Total cuteness overload:

Eh, been better, been worse:

Still terrifying:

Even more terrifying:

Touch it if you dare:

Moving in NYC, ladies and gents:

Remember when Monica was fat?:

Home is where the couch is: