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Hilary Duff Gets Lovestruck In 'All About You' Video

Hilary's on a mission to find her mystery man.

Hilary Duff is clearly a true believer of love at first sight.

The singer has released her video for her folky pop song, "All About You," which takes viewers on a ride as Hilary tries to find a mystery man that she sees in a coffee shop.

As Hilary told us, there is certainly a "bit of a love story," as the pop star opens the video snapping pictures of a cute guy, sending them to her friends, then finding his lost record at the shop, which he leaves behind, and makes it her mission to return it to his possession.

In between some not so "super sexy-time dancing," (although we beg to differ), Hilary gathers her girlfriends as they to help find her man, which they do, at a party at the LA river.

“The choreography was actually pretty easy, but it was a lot of rehearsals and I wanted to be so particular because I’m not, like, a dancer and I didn’t want to be, like, super sexy-time dancing,” Hilary told MTV News at the iHeartRadio Music Festival. “I wanted something different about it that was more me. The choreographers were amazing and came up with a cool line dance.”

Between the dance moves, the super catchy song and the fact that she seems to be having the best time ever, it definitely makes us all about Hilary and all about this video.