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Need To Know: Ariana's 'Grande' Reunion With 'Big Brother' Frankie Called For A Twitter Takeover

Plus, an unseen photo of Paul Walker from 'Fast & Furious 7.'

With additional reporting by Janelle Myers

The Cutest Brother And Sister

Reunions are the best, and Ariana Grande was ecstatic to see her brother Frankie for the first time in months this week following his stint as a contestant on on "Big Brother" and her hectic touring schedule. Ariana is in L.A. with him now to support him during the show's finale, and they snapped a rare brother-sister photo.

Not too long after, she apparently took over his Twitter to say:

Condolences To John Stamos

"Full House" star John Stamos is mourning the loss of his mother Loretta who died at the age of 75 on Monday. He posted a photo of her on Instagram holding him as a baby and called her the love of his life.

Unseen Photos Of Paul Walker

Vin Diesel revealed a "Fast & Furious 7" still of himself alongside his late co-star Paul Walker. He said, "We all went above and beyond to make Pablo proud, but man, I wish he could see what we have created and just how far we have come."

Who Dares To Prank J Lo?

Jennifer Lopez's daughter Emee pulled a prank on her momma worthy of posting on Instagram. The jet-lagged "Booty" singer took a selfie wearing sunglasses and a fur-lined sweater before taking a nap and then waking up without the shades and furry wrap. You see, Emee had swiped those articles of clothing and put them on herself. She thought it was hilarious and snapped a photo of her Mini-Me look.

Must-See Video Of The Day

That bizarre Lincoln car commercial with Matthew McConaughey having a one-sided convo with a bull made zero sense until Ellen DeGeneres revealed her part as the backseat driver that got "cut out" in this spoof.