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Wait, Are Chloe Grace Moretz And Brooklyn Beckham For Sure Dating?

The actress spills the dirt on 'Watch What Happens: Live.'

Chloë Grace Moretz finally addressed her long-rumored relationship with Brooklyn Beckham on "Watch What Happens: Live," and all I've got to say is YUSSSS.

On September 22, the 17-year-old "If I Stay" actress paid a visit to Andy Cohen's late-night Bravo show, where she admitted that she's "maybe" dating the 15-year-old son of David and Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham. That's all that the host and Moretz's fellow guest, Billy Bush of "Access Hollywood," could weasel out of her though because sometimes we can't have nice things.

Watch the clip below.

In case you have a life outside of celebrity gossip sites, Chloë and Brooklyn have been spotted secretly chilling everywhere from the 2014 Teen Choice Awards to a Soul Cycle class in Brentwood, California. And you know what they definitely do not say: What happens in Soul Cycle, stays in Soul Cycle.

Until now.

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