Now This Is 'Awkward': Is Lissa and Tyler's Love Really A Family Affair?

She thinks they're committing a shockingly sinful act, but they're not even blood-related.

If a varsity jock and a nerdy art student can make things work (always and forever, "She's All That"), who's to say a Jesus-loving cheerleader and her-kind-of-but-not-really adopted brother don't deserve the same shot at love?

On tonight's "Awkward" premiere, while Matty was busy kicking Eva/Amber out of town, Lissa found herself in the midst of Palos Hills' most recent and forbidden love affair. For some time, she and Tyler, a British-educated exchange student whom Lissa's parents adopted on a mission trip to Africa, have fought their mutual feelings. But finally, they submitted to romantic tension on the senior ski trip -- and continued to kiss between class back at home.

Terrified at the notion that Sadie would catch Lissa and Tyler in the act and and chew the couple out, Lissa hired a beard -- her ol' ex Jake -- to mask what she believed to be an unforgivably sinful act. But, as Lissa and her "brother" don't even have enough family photos to fill up an album's first page, could their new intimacy really be so wrong? Then again, they are technically siblings...

Whaddya think -- is Tyler and Lissa's under-wraps relationship messed up, or is the latter making a mountain out of a molehill?

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