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Kendrick Lamar Says It's 'All Love' Between Him, Drake And J. Cole

Dot says he respects their music.

The verse Kendrick Lamar spit on "Control" last year had the rap world going nuts. There's no denying this. It inspired impassioned remixes and became fodder for interview questions for months. One thing that it apparently didn't do, though, -- despite what some may think -- is drive a wedge between K. Dot and those he named on the song, including Drake and J. Cole.

"It's all love, from the moment I did the verse, 'til after the verse," Kendrick said in an interview with Power 106 in Los Angeles on Tuesday (September 23), while promoting his new single "i." "Hip-hop is a sport, so you gonna have these little spits and spats, and it's all good, because, personally, I respect these dudes as people."

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It wasn't all positivity, though. The TDE rapper said he felt like the media tried to manufacture issues between him and other MCs.

"I think what the media tried to do is insane, because they take these black, young brothers, and really try to clash it and make 'em bump heads. And that's not right. I think that's why it's great to really show people how we support one another."

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