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Kendrick Lamar's 'i' Came Right When The World Needed It Most

"I love myself."

Kendrick Lamar has always kept a message in his music. Longtime fans will always remember tracks like "Vanity Slaves," "A.D.H.D." and of course his 2012 anti-alcoholism ode "Swimming Pools," so it should come as no surprise that with his new single "i," K. Dot is pushing self-love.

Over a not-to-subtle sampling of the Isley Brother's 1973 classic "That Lady," Kendrick repeatedly reminds "I love myself," but the track is just as much about you as it is about the rapper. Within the song's four-minute and 20-second frame, Dot makes a laundry list of society's problems. There's police brutality, a drug epidemic and guns in the street. Still, through it all, Kendrick holds his head high

The fact is, we all face our own individual problems every day and the world's ills seem to be never-ending, but Kendrick dropped his new single when it seems we needed it most. There's no easy answer to solving the world's problems, but a little self-love won't hurt in these difficult times.

1. Ferguson

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Yes, the media coverage may have died down, but the people in Ferguson, Missouri are still trying to pick up the pieces and find justice following the shooting death of Michael Brown.


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On Tuesday (September 23), President Obama declared that the U.S. will do "what is necessary to take the fight to" ISIS. Monday night's airstrikes come just hours before Dot's eerie, "They wanna say it’s a war outside/ And a bomb in the street" lyric.

3. Chicago

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The war isn't just overseas, in Chicago, and many American inner-cities, gun violence among the youth continue to be a problem.

4. Campus Sexual Assault

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Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz, has been protesting against her school and accused rapist by carrying a mattress around campus. Now, that she's landed the cover of New York magazine, she's helping to open up the conversation about campus sexual assault -- a topic that victims often keep quiet about.

5. NFL Scandals

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After the footage of Ray Rice assaulting his wife hit the Internet, there's been a lot of focus on the NFL, it's players and how the league reacts to domestic violence cases.