Danny Mahoney/XS LasVegas/Splash

Niall Horan And Ed Sheeran Kiss And Make Up: See The Pic!

Our lads aren't feuding, and here's photographic proof.

Is Ed Sheeran's "Don't" really about a member of One Direction hooking up with the woman he was seeing? Was said member Niall Horan? Honestly, who cares -- we now have a photo of Ed kissing Niall on the cheek, and that's the only thing that matters right now ever.

The two were spotted sharing a bromantic embrace on Saturday (September 20) at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas. Both guys were in town to perform at the iHeartRadio music festival, but it's cool they made time to buddy-buddy with one another, too. What? Who's crying?! I'm not crying. HOW DARE YOU.

Danny Mahoney/XS LasVegas/Splash

In case you missed it over the weekend, Niall -- who is 21 years old, BTW -- and the rest of his 1D brethren confirmed to MTV that a Sheeran-penned tune would appear on their upcoming album, Four.

Will it be titled, "Niall's Cheek Tastes Pretty Great And Stuff"? Stay tuned...