These Exclusive 'Walking Dead' Posters Will Scare You To Death

Zombies for your walls.

With only a few short weeks left until "The Walking Dead" returns to television, we're all climbing the walls with anticipation -- walls which are now covered floor to ceiling with fabulous "Walking Dead" artwork, courtesy of the brand new "The Walking Dead: The Poster Collection, Volume II."

All your favorite misty, zombie-colored memories from seasons three and four are in this book, and we've got a sneak peek at a few of them below. There's the Governor's eyeball bandage, Michonne's exquisite slicing and dicing, and of course, an up-close-and-personal portrait of that walker whose lower jaw looks like a bunch of hamburger. (Hey, girl!)

The posters are all removable, too, so after you take your trip down memory lane, you can pop 'em out and hang 'em up. Add an ornate gold frame, and Hamburger Zombie would make an elegant addition to any "Walking Dead" fan's parlour decor.

All images reprinted from The Walking Dead: The Poster Collection, Volume II. The Walking Dead © 2014 AMC Film Holdings LLC. All Rights Reserved. You can pick up the book today courtesy Insight Editions.