'Gotham' Cast Does Their Best Christian Bale Batman Voices

Swear to THEM.

Tonight (September 22), FOX premieres "Gotham," a look at DC Comics' fabled city in a time before The Dark Knight took to the skies. But even with the prequel nature of the show, Batman looms large over everything... including the red carpet.

So naturally, when MTV News hit up the show's big premiere event in New York, we asked the cast of "Gotham" - including young Bruce Wayne himself (David Mazouz) - to tell us why we should watch their show. The only catch? Sell the show using their best Christian Bale as Batman voice.

Hilarity, as they say, ensued (and for the record, we think Erin Richards, who plays Barbara Kean on the show, won the bat-off).

"Gotham" premieres tonight at 8 p.m. ET.