Delilah Green

I Went To Taylor Swift's House And Listened To Her Unreleased Album

Super Swiftie Delilah Green tells MTV News what it's like to meet Taylor and her cat.

On September 20, Delilah Green got the experience of a lifetime when she met her idol Taylor Swift. But not only did Taylor invite a bunch of Swifties to listen to her unreleased album, 1989, she brought them into her home, baked them cookies, and even let them hold her kitty cat, Olivia Benson. Wanting to know more, we asked Delilah how her night went down, and this is what she said:

Delilah Green

By Delilah Green

I got a call Wednesday morning from, inviting me to a confidential, special event this upcoming Saturday. One of the questions they asked me was, "Are you a big Taylor Swift fan?" Like are you joking? She has only been my idol for years!

Then came the waiting game. I couldn't tell anyone, so there was a lot of speculation in my mind. We had no clue what we were doing. We checked in at the event and hopped on the bus and we still had no clue what we were doing!! I met some great people (shout-out to group 2)! We all had ideas; we figured it could be a concert or a video, but we couldn't even be sure Taylor would be there.

We turned down a street that had been rumored to be hers (which it wasn't) and then my heart pounded harder than it has ever in my life. My friend Rebecca had been the reason I was able to attend and she and I began to freak out as we pulled up to the driveway and recognized some bodyguards. We were checked and welcomed into her backyard with sandwiches, pizza and cookies!

Gavin Alaoen/ MTV News

Taylor's home was so clearly Taylor's home. There were curtains that resembled the Wonderstruck fragrance boxes, giant pillows that were as soft as an alpaca, and awards all over the living room. My personal favorite was the smell of Fall the moment you opened the door and the decorative pumpkins on the shelves. We waited anxiously while remembering, "Oh my God, I'm in Taylor's HOUSE!"

She popped around the corner sweetly shouting "Hey Guys!" The room erupted in screams, and the queen sat in her throne while they made sure the paparazzi couldn't get an album sneak peek. She explained how we got chosen and that we were going to listen to the album, and I nearly cried right there. She is so breathtakingly beautiful and just as kind in person. She explained the story behind every song and played them all off her cat-sticker-covered iPhone.

Her album is like the Taylor we have been waiting for. She doesn't hold back or worry about her image. She knows the real fans will stick with her as they should because her album is full of hits and catchy melodies. I've been humming one song all morning already!

Olivia was in Taylor's hands when she walked in and we got to hold her because she is so calm and sweet! I actually had a dream the other day that I met this adorable kitten and it was even better than imagined! (She breaks the softness scale!)

Halfway through the album we took a bathroom break.. in Taylor's adorable bathroom! She walked around and talked to us, along with Olivia and her parents. I remember talking about her kitchen and Olivia and Mer, but I was more focused on the queen in my presence! After the party we took our Polaroids, got our hugs and our gifts, and then we went home.

We were told to wait until 10 p.m. to post anything so at 10, everything exploded! It is really weird being all over the Internet, I'm not going to lie, but this whole experience has been such a blessing and I will remember it for my whole life.