'Gotham' Star Donal Logue Tells Us Why Ben McKenzie Is A Real Life Jim Gordon -- Watch

Real talk from McKenzie's latest onscreen partner.

As most of us have known since Ryan Atwood first hit Newport Beach back in 2003, Ben McKenzie is the real deal. But some people -- some terribly uninformed about the wonders of teen television people -- won't know how amazing McKenzie is until he makes his grand debut as Detective Jim Gordon on Fox's buzzy hit "Gotham" tonight (September 22), and it's those people who need to hear these words from McKenzie's latest costar, Donal Logue.

"Ben is an amazing partner," Logue, who plays Gordon's partner Detective Harvey Bullock, told MTV News. "They couldn't have gotten a better guy to play Jim Gordon. Ben is kind of like Jim Gordon -- Ben's almost like a 1950's Texas gentleman thrown into modern day. He's a super hard-worker, and an incredibly patient guy."

McKenzie's work ethic is so important because he is the guy anchoring "Gotham," which focuses on the corrupt city's police department after the murders of young Bruce Wayne's parents. Wayne himself is still shopping in the junior's department throughout the series, so McKenzie is our window into Gotham's world, which is largely populated by up-and-coming villains like Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin) and Selina Kyle (Catwoman).

Logue, who has a large but much less straight-up heroic role on the show, told us that McKenzie's casting was a huge part of what drew him to the show, which is a pretty big deal since Logue has a pretty solid television record between "Terriers," "Sons of Anarchy," and MTV's Jimmy the Cab Driver.

"For me, the fact that Ben was playing Jim Gordon was a big part of the decision-making process to do this," Logue continued. "That had a big impact in my decision to work on the show. Who did they get for Jim Gordon -- that was a big piece of the puzzle that they had to take care of."

"Gotham" premieres Monday, September 22 at 8 p.m.