Watch This Man Remain Impossibly Zen While Being Attacked By A Swan

This guy must practice yoga.

Whether partaking in a 'Game of Thrones'-themed attack or destroying an attempted selfie, it's clear that swans make a habit of being poised at all times to create mischief for us humans – to hilarious effect.

This latest entry in the centuries-long bird-versus-biped battle really ups the ante – it pits a wildlife rescuer against a protective daddy swan. Wildlife Aid Foundation released a video of employee Simon attempting to rescue a trapped cygnet (that's baby swan, to you) from a fence while concurrently staving off the little one's irate dad.

What's most amazing about this video (aside from the fact that OMG SWANS ARE TERRIFYING) is Simon's impossibly cool, calm, collected demeanor as he's being beat up by a massive bird (seriously, look at the wingspan on this thing – it's the length of an adult human's body!)

Watch the full video, and bask in Simon's zen-like glow. From approaching the situation with a casual, "Alright, this is where I'll likely get attacked," to wagging his finger and chastising, "Don't be silly" as the swan batters his arm and hisses at him, to chanting, "There's a good boy" as he staves off an attack while attempting to return the rescued baby to its father.

Someone get the UN on the horn – we're pretty sure Simon could negotiate world peace.