Justin Bieber Is Aware That You Hate His 'Stache

Not the facial hair we were expecting...

Well, it looks like Justin Bieber is busy changing up more than just his relationship status. Today he was practicing guitar, playing with his new iPhone and, uh, purposefully letting a little stubbly 'stache appear on his beautiful face:

Justin knows what we're all thinking: GET RID OF IT. The offensive, ugh-inducing 'stache must be gone. But he already knows how we feel of course: "I'll shave it calm down" he captioned the photo.

Okay, as long as he knows that we do not approve. And after all that work he just put in to patch things up with Selena, wonder how she feels, hmmm?

You can see another angle on his barely-there facial hair while he admires his brand new iPhone 6:

And here while he FaceTimes his guitar lesson:

Just waiting for the 'stache-free selfie now, Justin. You can easily take one with your new iPhone to alleviate our fears. We'll be waiting.