Pitbull's New 'Fireball' Video Features A Real-Life Jessica Rabbit

And lots of butt. Celebrate the booty!

Pitbull released the video for "Fireball" just in time for the weekend, and it's full of dancing and booty.

The clip has an old-school movie vibe, with Mr. Worldwide arriving in a retro car, fully suited. The whole thing is shot in black and white -- that is, until his love interest descends a staircase, making eye contact with Pitbull the entire time.

The sexy lady is a spot-on Jessica Rabbit (except not a cartoon), and when she arrives, the guys get looney. Hearts pump out of chests, eyes bug out and jaws drop. Of course, the hot chick is only hooking up with Pitty tonight, and they go to a dressing room to make out.

Watch the video below and tell us if this is your dream encounter with love too: