WireImage/Johnny Nunez

Will Smith's Birthday Card For Jada Is The Ultimate (Disco) Throwback

Just a pair of nutty kids.

Any couple that's been together for two decades is bound to have tons of pictures -- some cute, some mortifying, and some just downright embarrassing. And, because celebrities are just like us, some of them are so great you have to bring them back around.

That explains why Will Smith paid tribute to wife Jada's 43rd birthday on Thursday by (seemingly) recreating the ultimate throwback picture from 20 years ago, when the couple were just a pair of disco dancing kids. Or at least they appear to be in the cardboard cutout snap that looks like it was taken at a "Saturday Night Live"-themed party.


"Happy Birthday, My Love. We've been together at your last 20 birthday parties. Let's go for 50 or 60 more," Will wrote.