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Connie Britton's Hair Is Adorably '80s In This College Throwback Picture

Plus, who knew Connie and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand were former college roomies?

Well, thanks to a Senator Kirsten Gillibrand we officially have the best throwback pic of Connie Britton in existence.

In a strange twist, Connie aka Coach's Wife on "Friday Night Lights" and spotlight-stealing powerhouse Rayna Jaymes on "Nashville" was once college roommates with New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Gillibrand recently published her memoir Off The Sidelines that reflects on her experience as a woman in the Senate, but this adorable '80s pic is from way before Gillibrand ever walked the halls of the Senate.

The photo is taken from the pages of that book, the pair attended Dartmouth together and the picture is from their time studying abroad in Beijing, China.

Courtesy of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

And Connie had nothing but kind words for her former roomie.

"I'm so intensely proud of her and it's really inspiring to watch her because I do know what a powerhouse she is," Britton told Huffington Post Live about Senator Gillibrand. "She was like that when we were living in China together. She was already at that time a real leader amongst our students there and, you know, almost larger than life -- even back in college."

But maybe that's the best thing about this photo, it shows both of these strong, talented women back when they were just two normal college girls. But is Connie ever going to live this haircut down?? It's definitely a contrast to her current, flawless Nashville-diva 'do—Connie Britton's hair even has its own fansite, people.