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This Lyric Video Will Help You Keep Up With Eminem On 'Guts Over Fear'

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As Eminem has proven time and again, he's one of the best lyricists of all-time. And whether he's singing, like he did back on "Hallie's Song," or rapping at a frenetic -- and, at times, nearly indecipherable -- pace, like he did on "Rap God," his words are worth catching.

He made that process a lot easier on Thursday (September 18), with the release of a lyric video for his latest single, "Guts Over Fear," featuring Sia.

Though it's not Em at his toughest to keep up with, the track does get a bit of a new life when the rhymes can come off the page (or, actually, the screen), like they do here. Navigating an animated cityscape, the Detroit native's syllables bounce, bend and float, crossing streets and scaling buildings.

The song was not only included in the trailer to the new Denzel Washington film "The Equalizer," but it also serves as the lead single for the upcoming Shady Record album, Shady XV, which is due out on November 24.