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9 People Who Just Don't GET Shia LaBeouf's Art

You guys.

Shia LaBeouf is up to something, and it's not just not being famous anymore.

While LaBeouf continues to be insistently not famous, he also appears to be taking very short jogs. Beginning September 3, The Beef has posted one Nike Plus run per day, providing a screenshot of his route. And, guys, maybe he was inspired by that lady who drew d--ks and stuff with her running routes, but he's spelling something.

Now, he may pull a last-second switcharoo on us, but it would appear that he's spelling "#METAMARATHON," i.e. his contribution to a Metamodernism conference in Amsterdam next week on September 25. While people do actual academic things inside, he'll run a #metamarathon around the perimeter of the museum hosting.

While we don't fully get this whole thing, we appear to be light years ahead of some Twitter users who are taking LaBeouf's untimed strolls as fitness efforts.

There's this quadriceps enthusiast:

This unimpressed lady:

Carl doesn't even have more than a word for Shia:

Dan is cautiously trusting:

Some got philosophical:

Some just want Shia to succeed, bro:

This lady supports his choice of company:

This person knows that every day should be your personal best:

And this person who

Run, Shia, run! We know what's up. Ish.