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Chris Brown Says He Would 'Absolutely' Beat Usher In A Dance Battle

'Bring your A Game.'

With reporting by Sway Calloway

Chris Brown takes his dancing very seriously. Since stepping on the scene almost 10 years ago, Breezy has thrilled fans with jaw-dropping moves, which are both elegant and street. Brown is so confident, he won't back down to anyone, including Usher, who has reigned as a dance icon for almost two decades.

So when MTV News' Sway asked Breezy who would win in a dance-off between him and his "New Flame" collaborator, Chris got all puffed up.

"See, I don't like to be cocky or arrogant anymore, but when it comes to dancing -- when you say 'Chris Brown' and you say 'dancing,' you're gonna have to bring your A game," he said.

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To best illustrate his point, Brown pointed to a 1997 NBA game between Allen Iverson's Philadelphia 76ers and Michael Jordan's legendary Chicago Bulls team. At the time MJ, was without question basketball's greatest active player and Iverson was a young upstart from Virginia with tremendous ability and a new-school hip-hop swagger.

"It's like when Iverson crossed Jordan," Brown says, comparing an Usher match-up to the time when A.I. unexpectedly shook MJ out of his Air Jordan sneakers.

"It's a little different -- these moves a little new," Brown continued with a laugh.

Still, just for the record, Sway asked for some clarification. "So you're saying you wouldn't lose?" he asked Brown just to be sure.

"Absolutely not," Brown responded.

Wow. While we try to track Usher down for a reaction, we'll throw the ball in your court. Who do you think would triumph in a Chris vs. Usher dance battle?