Deena Cortese Breaks Down Over Anxiety Disorder On 'Couples Therapy'

See what the 'Jersey Shore' star said about her condition.

Though famous for her meatball adventures and penchant for dancing in the street, Deena Cortese of "Jersey Shore" secretly struggled with crippling anxieties while filming the show -- particularly during its final season -- and admitted on last night's "Couples Therapy" episode that she faced the darkest moment of her life while in Seaside Heights.

In a group session with Dr. Jenn, Deena broke down while recounting how severely her disorder has affected her, and in the video below, she says she feels guilty for having brought Chris Buckner down with her.

"I'm always afraid something bad's gonna happen, and I feel bad for him because he didn't know what to do for me," Deena explains in the clip.

"This is my job -- I'm supposed to make her smile, make her happy," Chris responds. "If I can't do it, what's the point?"

Now, Deena's on medication for her condition, and though she reveals that she calls her prescription "crazy pills" to make light of her plight, Dr. Laura urges her to not chip away at her own courage by belittling herself.

Surprised to see Deena in such a vulnerable place, and hear about her struggles? Share your reaction in the comments and see how she and Chris progress on "Couples Therapy" Wednesday nights at 9/8c on VH1!