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FKA Twigs' New Bangs Are Very Rick James

Or, like, Dave Chappelle as Rick James.

Having bangs is tough, man. They don't lay flat when you want them to. They lay too flat when you don't want them to. You have to get them trimmed all the time—the list goes on forever. FKA Twigs seems to have developed a strategy for controlling her brand new bangs, though, and—surprisingly—she took a page out of Rick James' beauty book. Or, I guess, the Dave-Chapelle-as-Rick-James beauty book.

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While others have compared FKA's new ’do to Cleopatra's, it is, IMHO, way more in the Rick James orbit. Judging from the Liz Taylor interpretation, Cleopatra's braids frame her face, whereas both FKA and Rick have straight-up braided bangs. Also, these two have matching gold beads on the ends to ensure no hair gets loose. It's a hairstyle for all humidity levels.

FKA was way ahead on the baby hair trend that is currently very popular with many a pop star—maybe this is the next big beauty trend? I can't imagine Katy Perry with beads in her bangs, but I couldn't imagine her with baby edges either and I was certainly wrong about that, so.