Zac Efron Needs A Name For His DJ Supergroup With Dillon Francis

Zillon Efrancis? Dac Fefron?

Don't freak out, Zac Efron fans, but, according to Instagram, he is about to form a new DJ supergroup alongside Dillon Francis. There's just one problem -- they don't have a name yet.

'What should our name be?' Dillon asked his followers. Any ideas?

Ok, so this whole "DJ supergroup" thing is probably not happening. But, Zac is the star of "We Are Your Friends," an upcoming, EDM-themed movie directed by MTV's own Max Joseph. Maybe this pic has something to do with it?

A few trailers for the film have been released, but it's still unclear whether Zac will play a DJ or just a fan of the genre. "We Are Your Friends" is due out sometime next year, but you can follow its official Instagram account for some sneak peeks, like the one below, while you wait.

Skate, Zefron, skate!

Back to what really matters here: What should Zac and Dillon name their (100% fictional) DJ supergroup? Zillon Efrancis? Dac Fefron? The possibilities are endless. Post your best ideas in the comments.