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Your Crazy Aunt Taylor Swift Joined Tumblr And Created Internet Chaos

The 16 best reactions to Taylor joining Tumblr.

By now, any Swiftie knows that Taylor Swift has joined the pit of madness/cat scrapbook/pop culture shrine that is Tumblr, and it seems like she's fitting in quite nicely.

She needed a little help at first, asking other users where to find GIFs and where to talk to people -- one fan even compared her to an aunt who tries to be "hip" and "with the times."

Her initiation into Tumblr caused chaos within the site, and while Taylor's account is hella entertaining, let's see the 16 best reactions to Swift's decision to hang out with the cool kids:

One lovely fan made her an easy-to-navigate guide to Tumblr

So let the craziness begin

Welcome to the club

Taylor figured out how to follow, so everyone takes deep breaths

What a delightful occasion this is!

Glory! Glory!

Now, people are checking her likes to see when she's online. Not creepy...

Let's all just drop out so we have more time to monitor the Internet

Time for some more Photoshops! These are from @scarletletterswift

Bad influences, every one of you

This person might actually need help

She'll get it eventually, guys

Let's do another round of Photoshops, shall we?

Go on, Auntie Taylor

This is all too much, really

Especially for Tay, who must have a ton of people sending her messages

I have a feeling she'll be able to handle it.