Frankie Grande's 7 Most Outrageous 'Big Brother' Moments

Zankie is dead. Long live Zankie.

After weeks of solid game play and more Ariana Grande name-drops than the front page of Perez Hilton, Frankie J. Grande finally went Grande and went home on Tuesday (September 16), betrayed by his own all-powerful alliance in what will likely go down as the most glitter-filled elimination in "Big Brother" history.

And while Grande was a controversial, love-him-or-hate-him figure for the show's passionate fan base, it's impossible to deny that his reign on the show was peppered with some powerful, outrageous, and downright impressive moments. From his BotB win to that "oh no he did not" Ariana reveal, here are some of our favorites:

1. When he won the first HoH of the year (and then four more).

Winning the first Head of Household competition has always been a controversial tactic on "Big Brother," but for Frankie, his social game was so strong that his skills in competitions just made him even more of a "get" for anyone wanting a build a strong alliance. Of course, this "win it all" strategy only hurt him in the end, but at the beginning of the summer, the "go Grande or go home" strategy did Frankie a world of good.

2. When he aligned with Derrick, Cody, Zach and Caleb in Week 1.

Okay, so Devin, Amber and Christine were all involved in the Bomb Squad too, but it's the other dudes who proved to be great (or, for Zach, Caleb and Cody, pretty good) game players throughout the season. Nabbing a key alliance can be crucial for "Big Brother" success, and the Bomb Squad 2.0 alliance The Detonators will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most powerful and consistent groups in the show's history. (Guys, remember The Moving Company?!)

Frankie proved to be a crucial member of this alliance, and he gets major bonus points for getting rid of Devin in week three. Devin would have blown up all of their games, quickly, and identifying and targeting crucial threats in a huge skill in the house -- a skill that Frankie obviously had. (Except when it came to Donny and Nicole. Why were you so afraid of them, Bomb Squad/Detonators?!)

3. When he introduced the world to "Zankie."

Decades from now, when the spawn of Brenchel and Jefordan are playing their first "Big Brother" Power of Veto competition while the 21st iteration of Chenbot gets her circuits rewired, it will be statues of Zach and Frankie that they sacrifice their blood to in order to please the vicious #BB47 gods.

Zach and Frankie, despite all their ups and downs, were by far the most interesting, sexually ambiguous and neon-colored "Big Brother" pairing in the show's history. I've certainly never seen a straight man fall in (possibly sexual, possibly not) love with a gay man on national network television before, but after watching Zankie and hearing all of the conversation surrounding their pairing, I'm very glad that I did.

4. When he won the Battle of the Block on his own.

This was definitely Frankie's Meryl Streep crocodile tears moment, but still -- when he won that Battle of the Block competition without Caleb's help, after Caleb delivered the most wonderfully scathing, redneck-y speech of the season, you couldn't help but root for him not matter how you felt about his actions toward Zach. This is when he truly proved himself to be in competition "Beast Mode" (sorry, Caleb), and it all secured his spot for weeks to come during a time when he was 100 percent everyone's target.

5. When he revealed his big secret at the best possible time.

There's no getting around it, the most controversial (read: annoying) part about Frankie J. Grande was hearing his non-stop chatter about Ariana Grande. The love between the two of them is undoubtedly genuine, but Frankie came off as a fame-monster as he dropped names faster than Victoria dropped balls during that HoH shovel competition.

Still, you have to give the guy credit for his last-ditch effort to win popularity in the house during the week when everybody was gunning for him by revealing his biggest secret: that he was already "internet famous," playing the game for charity, and related to a major pop star. Not only was it effective, adding an extra layer of allure to Frankie that he already seemed to have in the eyes of the house, but it also gave us THIS MAGIC MOMENT:

6. When he really sold that whole rat thing.

Whether it was convincing the house that he saw a rat and putting them all on 24/7 pest control, convincing the house that a thief was sabotaging them all by stealing their clothes and starting a Neighborhood Watch, or putting on a poorly advised play, Frankie's acting skills proved to be a major plus for this year's Team America twist. He expertly pulled off every single ridiculous task America threw his way, and by the end of his BB tenure, no one caught on to the fact that all of the crazy things that were happening to them were made up by Derrick and Frankie.

7. When he shot glitter on his way out.

We've all (minus Derrick, probably) gotta go sometime, and Frankie solidified his place as a reality competition "get" by leaving with style, acing his exit interview with Julie and delivering prepared, glitter-filled speeches for his remaining housemates. There were no Fruit Loops involved, but still -- Frankie's colorful game play, exit included, 100 percent solidified his place as future "Amazing Race"/"Survivor"/"Big Brother" All-Star for years to come.

BONUS WORST MOMENT: When he betrayed Amber, Zach, and Donny

Frankie played a great social game throughout the whole season, but he ruined his chance at the prize when his people-judging skills were hindered by his total blindness when it comes to Derrick. He'd probably still be here if he hadn't backdoored Amber, betrayed fellow Team America member Donny and -- no doubt the worst offense of all -- eliminated his best friend and most trustworthy ally, Zach Rance. His ability to turn on people with a smile was both his savior and his downfall, and in the end, Derrick proved to be just that much better at backstabbing when all was said and done.