Beyonce Is Single-Handedly Trying To Make Flash Tattoos Happen

Beyonce has been a fan of temporary tattoos for a long time. There was the line she created under House Of Deréon, which she then wore in the label's ads. That was over four years ago, though, and now Bey has moved on to shinier tattoos. Flash Tattoos, to be exact.

We first noticed them when Bey sported these gold armbands at Made in America with little sis Solange.

Those are some decked-out elbow bends. Mine normally have, like, lint in them, which is adhered by sweat. Bey is a little more glamorous than I am, I guess.

The following day, she posted a close-up of two hand tattoos. FYI, that "bracelet" is from the Lena set, and those are two Dakota geometric triangles on her hand.

Splash News

She sported a CRAZYCRAZYCRAZY armful of tattoos (plus a few lines on her knee) when she took a private jet to London just to shop at Topshop because, you know, Beyonce. But—believe it or not—that's just the start. It looks like Jay (or someone IDK) may have given her, like, 100 sets of Flash Tats for her birthday. She has on so many, you guys.

On her upper arms, Beyonce's wearing linked black circles, teardrops, and tick marks, all from the Zahra package. Flash Tats describe the Zahra collection as "romantic, eclectic, and organic," and you know what? We'd probably feel the same way if we wore those to lay about on the beach.

This look is a combination of several different sets. There are angel wings and crescent moons from the Nikki collection on her shoulder blades and clavicle. There's a cluster of triangles from the Dakota set on her forearm, sternum, and under her belly button, and several rows of triangles from the Lena on her knee.

Here's a closer look at the chest decorations.

In another detail shot, we see Bey's chain and hexagonal bracelets from the Lena collection—definitely a shout-out to the Beyhive. Did you know that Beyonce is really into bee-themed accessories? No? Really? Weird how you missed that...

Also of considerable note, it's not just Bey's front that got the Flash Tat treatment. She put them all over her back, which is cool because now I'm thinking about Jay helping her apply these with a bowl of wet cotton balls. And now, you also have that visual. The chevrons and parallel lines are from the Dakota, and the curved dots are from the Zahra set. ~MiX n MaTcH~

Each set from Flash Tattoos costs 22 bucks and comes with four sheets each. If you spring for all four of the sets Bey's been sporting, it should set you back less than a hundred bones, which IMHO is but a small price to pay to emulate the QUEEN.