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Benedict Cumberbatch Gave Up His Clothes For This Steamy Mr. Darcy Charity Pic

Dare you to stop staring.

Ladies and gentlemen who like your soft-core porny photos to have an air of British sophistication to them, you're in luck. This Benedict Cumberbatch charity photo could undoubtedly be used as the cover to an NC-17 romance novel, but it is also a throwback to "Pride and Prejudice," so you can say you're staring at it for hours for literary reasons, or something:

Jason Bell Photo

If the image looks familiar to you, it's because you've definitely seen it before -- that is, you've seen a version of it before, when Colin Firth got wet and wild for the role of Mr. Darcy in the BBC's 1995 adaptation of Jane Austen's (not Jane Austin, Miss America pageant) iconic novel. Cumberbatch recreated the moment for the Give Up Clothes For Good campaign by Cancer Research UK and TK Maxx (the British TJ Maxx, which sells knickers instead of pants), and we're so, so thankful for it.

We'd be more thankful if Cumberbatch gave up all of his clothes, but this literary allusion will do just fine for now.