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Lady Gaga's Teary Twitter Message Is Enough To Make You Cry Too

'Some days it hits me so hard, reality,' Gaga writes.

When you're getting naked in the woods, getting puked on onstage or taking an alter ego the farthest it can go (a.k.a. being Lady Gaga), it's easy to lose sight on what's reality. I mean, I think. I'm just a regular girl, so I don't know what it's like to perform for thousands of people in a bubble suit with a piano made out of bubbles.

But behind all the raw meat, Muppets and seashells, Gaga is just a girl too. She loves her dog, her boyfriend and eating at her parents' Italian restaurant. When she shows her heart, we're not surprised, but we still embrace it.

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Mother Monster poured her feelings out on Twitter this morning, admitting that she's been crying a lot of "happy tears" lately and being grateful for everything she's been able to do. It's the kind of realness fans relish and something any human can appreciate.

She signed off as "a very humbled Lady" with a kiss, and the note kind of melted my heart. Because even when celebrities seem otherworldly, there will still be some of them who will remind us that, under all the glitz (or mud, in Gaga's case), we're all humans together. You're expressing your gratitude to us, Gaga, but you have no idea how thankful we are for you.

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