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A Fan Farted On Demi Lovato And It Was 'Rotten'

A fan let something slip during a meet-and-greet.

Demi Lovato has met a lot of Lovatics over the years, but there's one in particular she probably won't forget any time soon.

On Sunday, while in Miami for her Demi World Tour, the "Really Don't Care" singer held a meet-and-greet with fans, and when it was one particular admirer's turn to meet their idol, they apparently got really nervous and let a little something slip on Demi.

But wait -- it gets worse. After that smelly reveal during a Twitter Q&A, one fan tweeted to ask the question that was on everyone's mind: "Was it one of those rotten-egg smelling ones or did you just hear the noise?!" Unfortunately, it was pretty rotten.

While the fart offender hasn't made themselves public, Demi, being the amazing person she is, laughed off the situation and probably made the fan feel a little bit better with these wise words.