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Iggy And Nick Celebrate Their Anniversary At Target Because Romance

Check out photos from their sensible date night!

To celebrate their one-year anniversary on September 14, Iggy Azalea and her Los Angeles Laker boyfriend, Nick Young, hit up a Target. Yep, a Target. Though perhaps it was a tar-djay given the romantic circumstances.

Now, before you put on your snarkiest pair of pantaloons (TOO LATE), you should know that it was actually a pretty sweet move on their part. As Swaggy P explains in an Instagram caption, he and the "Black Widow" rapper's first date was at a Target, where -- according to an interview Iggy gave "The Breakfast Club" -- he lavished her with such worldly riches as "socks and a Ring Pop."

The couple hit up Target for the second year in a row...

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...And Iggy literally couldn't be happier.

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Oh, cool. Nick still got her a buttload of roses.

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