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13 Things Kanye West's New Haircut Looks Like

Some people can only handle one piece of Kanye West news at a time, and chances are—if you're one of those people—this was likely (understandably) your headline of choice. Well, another thing happened that is not the same caliber of news at all, but whatever: Yeezy got a new haircut.

It's a unique look for sure, and one pretty much only Ye can pull off, but there's still something distinctly familiar about it. Here's a list of 13 things Kanye's new haircut reminds us of:

1. Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender


2. Mario Kart Boost Pads


3. Fast-forward buttons

Getty Images

4. This ring


5. This necklace


6. These swim bottoms


7. The Chevron gas logo

Getty Images

8. These chevron Vans

Urban Outfitters

9. This magazine holder

Urban Outfitters

10. This belt


11. These Listerine bottles you didn't know existed


12. This traffic sign


13. Rihanna's Polynesian hand tattoos

What do you think it looks like? Let us know in the comments below!