'Million Dollar Maze Runner' Crowns Its Winning Team

Gladers got nothing on Peter and Diane.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our winners: Peter and Diane, a.k.a. the White Runners, emerged victorious Sunday night in our "Million Dollar Maze Runner" competition, going home with a cool million bucks, a brand new Scion, and bragging rights for life.

Watch how it all went down, right here, right now:

The talented pair came out on top after climbing, puzzling, and running like mad through a twisty-mysterious labyrinth inspired by the upcoming film, "The Maze Runner," beating out three other talented teams to escape and claim the contest's grand prize. (The three non-winning teams won no prizes, but left grateful for the privilege of not having been eaten by Grievers.)

Here's a look at all the teams... They were so young and full of hope back when this video was taken, but only one team could be supreme.

The Girls

The Guys

Big congratulations to Peter and Diane for mastering the maze! Just don't rest too comfortably on those laurels, guys; you'll want to be back on your feet and sprinting for the theater when "The Maze Runner" premieres September 19.