News Anchor Gives Heartbreaking Cancer Announcement On Air

Dave Benton said he has only months to live, but he plans on using them to have the best life ever.

Facing the end of his life, TV anchorman Dave Benton is determined to keep doing good work -- and his optimism is inspiring viewers everywhere.

Benton, who has reported for the Champaign, Illinois TV station WCIA since 2005, went on the air on Sept. 11 to share a heartbreaking message with viewers.

“Basically, my cancer is back and it’s too big for surgery and radiation,” Benton revealed. “Doctors have told me that I may have four to six months to live.”

Benton shared that he plans to try a new treatment to slow down the cancer’s growth. But for now, the self-proclaimed born-again Christian says he believes he is “in God’s hands,” and is focused on treating the rest of his life as a gift.

“The goal here is to have a few more days and to make them the best that they can be in the life that I have,” Benton said.

The 51-year-old anchor also expressed his gratitude to his viewers, who he says have been supporting him for so long. “It’s not just really only about me,” he said, echoing the same sentiment online later with this tweet:

Benton, who has a wife, a daughter, and a son, is celebrating his nine-year anniversary at the news station this year, and says he is “dedicated to continue good work.”

“I want to know that there’ll be a moment where I will stop and say, ‘I hope I did good work to our viewers. I served them and I did things well,’” Benton explained. “And I want to take an opportunity for that and make sure it happens.”

Watch the whole on-air announcement here: