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Why Is Frank Ocean's Dad Suing Russell Simmons?

The $142 million lawsuit concerns 'deadbeat dad' accusations.

In a bit of surreal (and ironic) news, Frank Ocean's absentee father has decided to make an appearance – in court.

Calvin Cooksey has just hit hip hop and fashion impresario Russell Simmons with an $142 million lawsuit for allegedly referring to Cooksey as a deadbeat dad on Simmons' pop culture website, Global Grind. A quick search on the site, however, does not specifically name Cooksey.

According to TMZ, Cooksey – who hasn't been in his Ocean's life since he was five – also accused Ocean's mother, Katonya Breaux Riley, of keeping a young Ocean away from him throughout his childhood.

Frank and his mother have always maintained a close relationship. When Frank opened up about his sexuality on a post on Tumblr, his mother referred to him as "the most incredible human I know. Honest true and loving," on her twitter.

Cooksey believes the allegedly disparaging remarks have damaged his career (he describes himself as a singer, writer and inventor) and is suing for loss of future income.

Do you think the suit will stick? Or are Simmons' comments valid? Let us know in the comments.