Chris Evans Is An Anti-Romance Renegade In The 'Playing It Cool' Trailer

His 'Playing It Cool' and 'What's Your Number?' characters would totally be BFF.

We've got our first glimpse at a very different side of Chris Evans – not that we're complaining, because Chris Evans clearly doesn't have a bad side – it's just a little jarring to see the "Captain America" and "Avengers" actor decidedly lacking superhero decorum in the trailer for his upcoming film "Playing It Cool."

Evans plays a pessimistic writer who doesn't believe in love, until he meets a gorgeous – and very engaged – stranger (Michelle Monaghan). The plight to deny his overwhelming romantic urges involves friends and coworkers – a cast of hilarious characters played by Aubrey Plaza, Luke Wilson, Anthony Mackie and Topher Grace.

The tone of the anti-rom-com can best be summed up with Evans' wryly-uttered line, "I'm willing to regret you for the rest of my life" – and we think the sentiment is as funny as it is refreshing. "Playing It Cool" doesn't have an official release date yet, but we're looking forward to being roundabout charmed by this one.